Nervous System

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Nervous System by Mind Map: Nervous System

1. Divided into

1.1. Central Nervous System

1.1.1. includes the Spinal Cord controls Signals to and from the brain cerebral spinal fluid Brain is made up of

1.1.2. protected by Meninges

1.2. Peripheral Nervous System

1.2.1. motor division Somatic Nervous System (Skeletal Muscle) Autonomic Nervous System (Cardiac and Smooth Muscle) Divided into

1.2.2. sensory division

2. can create

2.1. a reflex arc

3. Requires that

3.1. Neurons Synapse

3.1.1. forming Synaptic Cleft Usually they work sometimes these work electrically by

4. Is made up of

4.1. Neurons

4.1.1. can be motor neurons sensory neurons interneurons

4.2. Neuroglia

4.2.1. has satellite cells schwann cells has