Bakery / Ingredients

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Bakery / Ingredients by Mind Map: Bakery / Ingredients

1. flour

1.1. It is the product resulting from the grinding of clean grain of wheat with or without partial separation of the shell.

1.2. Its function is the most important of the process, all other ingredients subordinate their actions, functions and dosages to the benefits and / or deficiencies of the flour.

1.3. Flours should be stored in a cool, dry place.

2. yeast

2.1. It is a mass constituted by microorganisms that acts as a ferment.

2.2. *Provocates the generation and maintenance of gas production in the baking process. *It allows the conditioning of the dough. *Improves the nutritional quality of the finished product and activates the dough, making possible a better handling.

2.3. Fresh yeast should be stored in cool places and should never be subjected to temperatures higher than 40 ° C

3. improvers

3.1. They are chemical or biological products that aim to correct some possible faults of the masses in the process, improving the bakery characteristics of the flour.

3.2. * Decrease the bread making time. * Reinforce gluten. * Improve gas retention, giving bulk to the mass.

4. water

4.1. It is the solvent and dispersant of the solid substances that participate in the preparation of the dough.

4.2. * Dissolves all ingredients, solids and facilitates incorporation. * Enables the conditioning and the formation of gluten. * Regulates and controls the temperature of the dough and the fermentation times.

5. salt

5.1. Chemical substance (Sodium chloride) that occurs in the form of white crystals, is very soluble in water.

5.2. * Give the bread better flavor and strengthen the gluten. *Highlights the flavor of other ingredients, such as sweet doughs.

5.3. It is stored and kept away from moisture.

6. sugar

6.1. White or brown crystals with a sweet and pleasant flavor extracted from vegetables, especially sugar cane

6.2. * They serve as food for the yeast. * Help control fermentation.

6.3. Due to its pleasant taste it is attractive to pests and rodents, so it should never be stored on the floor. The warehouse must be ventilated and dry. The high temperatures deteriorate it.

7. greases

7.1. Substance with a neutral odor of animal or vegetable origin less dense than water and insoluble in it. As a food, they are the substances that provide the body with the greatest number of calories.

7.2. - Improve the appearance; the fat is distributed in thin layers producing a lubricating effect. - Improves the crust; softens it

7.3. It is recommended to store them in dark places, fresh and dry, with a temperature between 18 ° and 21 ° C. At these temperatures they retain maximum plasticity and rancidity is avoided.

8. coloring

8.1. All dyes used in Bakery must be "pure". Give color and good looks to the breads.

8.2. * Very fine granulometry (similar to impalpable sugar). * It should not have any flavor or aroma. It must be inert.

8.3. It is recommended to store them protected from light and moisture, in hermetically sealed flasks.

9. essences

9.1. They are those natural products (Essential Oils) that have been obtained by distillation

9.2. *Dar aromas especiales al pan. *Depending on their origin they can be natural or artificial

9.3. It is recommended that the flavors remain in their original amber glass bottle that protects them from light