Implication / Critique of 'Learning teaching' in HK ELT Context

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Implication / Critique of 'Learning teaching' in HK ELT Context by Mind Map: Implication / Critique of 'Learning teaching' in HK ELT Context

1. Four kinds of lesson? P33 Jungle path

2. Interaction

2.1. Encourage co-operation like copying idea (or cheat)

2.1.1. "T can concentrate more on the process of learning than simply on a plunge towards the right answer". Approach to reading *Standardized ex. Trace the answer, any contextual/ content clue?

2.2. Students speak quietly, walk further away

2.3. Seating arrangement shows the learning transmission (T directed), T can be embedded in S circle.

2.4. Echoing students, T controls students responses S: I went to Cinema. T: Good you went to cinema.

2.5. Students said ' I don't want to do this exercise'

2.5.1. 1.Ask why they don't want 2. Explain the point of exercise 3. Ask students for their options (??) 4. Offer an alternative exerise 5. Just do it

3. Motivation

3.1. HK: Purposeless production focuses more on skill drilling than authentic use

3.1.1. Approach to reading Requires manipulation of information, skimming and reading skills are assessed through task completion.

3.2. Activity or material too difficult/ too challenging

3.2.1. Too challenging, then scaffold

3.2.2. Too easy, make it demanding Some students completed task already, offer them even challenging one

3.3. Weak rapport - try to be nice, but always seems too dull

3.3.1. Plan work specifically to focus on improving relationship and interactions (rather than language focus) Carl Roger considered 'respect, empathy and authenticity' as of teacher's importance. R: Non judgemental of person E: Seeing things from others' perspective A: Be oneself without hiding job titles Sense of humor Can be authoritative without being distant

4. Feedback

4.1. Discuss marking criteria with class S-T expectation, learning outcome are achievable.

5. Planning for activity

5.1. 1. How many organizational steps 2. How long will it probably take 3. Learners have enough language to make "useful attempts" of the activity? 4. What errrors are likely to make? 5. What help might they need? 6. What will the teacher role be at every stage? 7. What instruction is needed? How it is given (explained/read/demonstrated)?

6. Learner training

6.1. P189