The Culture of Healthcare

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The Culture of Healthcare by Mind Map: The Culture of Healthcare

1. Prescription Medications

1.1. Safe use: following doctor's instructions, never taking another's prescription, and using more or less than prescribed.

1.1.1. Store and stop using properly and when intended

1.2. Good understanding of the drug: how it works and the effects it will have

2. Desirable Outcomes

2.1. We get what we want from a medication

2.1.1. feeling happy

2.1.2. pain relief

2.1.3. fast solution

3. Doctor/Patient Relations

3.1. Proper communication: letting your doctor know about everything they should.

3.2. Honest and realistic educating

3.3. Asking questions to better understand

4. Beliefs Toward Prescription Drugs

4.1. Drugs are not as harmful as we think: leads to part of the issue we have we misusing prescription drugs.

4.2. They will be an easy fix

4.2.1. because of this easy fix mentality, there is continued use of drugs

5. Social Views and Stigmas

5.1. People view others on medication differently

5.1.1. Because they take medication, something must be wrong with them

5.2. Support from peers

5.2.1. helping others understand the realities of drugs in the healthcare