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Thermodynamics by Mind Map: Thermodynamics

1. States of matter

1.1. Liquid

1.2. Gas

1.3. Solid

2. Temperature

2.1. Fahrenheit scale

2.1.1. 32 represents the temperature in which water freezes

2.2. Celsius scale

2.2.1. 0 represents the temperature in which water freezes

2.3. Kelvin scale

2.3.1. 273 represents the temperature in which water freezes

2.3.2. The absolute temperature scale is the kelvin scale

2.4. Temperature is measured in degrees

3. Laws of Thermodynamics

3.1. 1st Law

3.1.1. The gain or loss of thermal energy equals the amount of heat transferred from in to or out of a system Adding energy enables the system to do work

3.2. 2nd Law

3.2.1. Heat never moves from a cold substance to a hot substance

3.3. 3rd law

3.3.1. No system can reach absoltue zero Absolute Zero = 0 k

4. Heat

4.1. Definition: the thermal energy transferred from one substance to another due to a temperature difference between the 2 substances

4.1.1. Direction of thermal energy: Warm substance -----> Colder substance

4.2. Matter dose not contain heat. Matter contains thermal energy

4.3. Heat = thermal energy in transit

4.4. Heat is a form of energy measured in joules

5. Cold

5.1. Definition: Lack of heat

5.2. "cold" never travels in a direction

6. Specific Heat Capacity

6.1. The Specific Heat Capacity of any substance is defined as the quantity of heat required to change the temperature of a unit mass of the substance by 1 degree

6.1.1. Water has a much higher capacity for storing energy than most other substance