The Student's Portfolio in English Language Classroom

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The Student's Portfolio in English Language Classroom by Mind Map: The Student's Portfolio in English Language Classroom

1. involves

1.1. samples

1.1.1. of students experiences works

2. reflect

2.1. their personal thinking

2.2. It is multidimensional

3. can be used as

3.1. students´assessment

3.2. encouraging way

3.3. fostering learning

4. Types of portfolio

4.1. The process portfolio

4.1.1. documents stages of learning record of students´ knowledge growth

4.1.2. identify learning goals

4.1.3. the favorite of teachers documenting the stages

4.2. The product portfolio

4.2.1. demonstrates mastery leraning task

4.2.2. contains only the best work

4.2.3. used best for summative evaluation

5. Definition by author Venn 2000, pp530-1

5.1. is a systematic

5.1.1. collection activities

5.2. the goal

5.2.1. help students to illustrate their talents compatible with audio-visual artifact development, including photographs, videotapes etc

6. provides

6.1. students

6.1.1. demonstrate knowledge of a topic progress identify outcomes

6.1.2. promotes self-evaluation

6.2. teachers

6.2.1. a way of assessment

6.2.2. process of learning

6.2.3. measuring performance assessment Thoughtfulness Growth and development Understanding Completeness Diversity of entries

6.2.4. monitoring students'

6.3. Authenticity

6.3.1. Loyalty to the linguistic

7. Development

7.1. three phases

7.1.1. organization planning decision-making

7.1.2. collection consider context contents based upon a Particular subject matter A learning process Special projects, themes, and/or units. reflect criteria standards

7.1.3. reflection evidence student´s knowledge