Chapter 7 Key Terms (5)

Walsh_Week 7 Assignment

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Chapter 7 Key Terms (5) by Mind Map: Chapter 7 Key Terms (5)

1. Assessment

1.1. Definition: Any method used to understand the current knowledge a student possesses; it can range from a teacher’s subjective judgment based on a single observation of a student’s performance to a state-mandated standardized test.

1.2. Example: The SAT, ACT, standardized state testing

1.3. Link to a resource/medium: Test Dates and Deadlines

2. Portfolio Assessment

2.1. Definition: Evaluation of student assignments or projects over a period of time and assessment tasks that are part of the learning process. Also called embedded assessment.

2.2. Example: Creative Writing Portfolio

2.3. Link to resource/medium: 6 Great Portfolio Sites for Freelance Writers (Most are Free)

3. Project-based Assessment

3.1. Definition: An innovative approach to assessment that focuses on assessing student projects.

3.2. Example: Science Fair Projects

3.3. Link to resource/medium: Science Project Resources

4. Authentic Assessment

4.1. Definition: Can be formal or informal and aims to present students with tasks that mirror the objectives and challenges typical of their instructional activities.

4.2. Example: Journaling in response to a lesson

4.3. Link to a resource/medium: : Mead Composition Book/Notebook, Wide Ruled Paper, 100 Sheets (09910) : Composition Notebooks : Office Products

5. Alternative Assessment

5.1. Definition: An assessment method that uses nontraditional methods to determine whether students have mastered the appropriate content and skill level.

5.2. Example: Creating an infographic

5.3. Link to a resource/medium: MindMeister: Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming