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1. WHY area?

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. naturally occurring event

1.2. Explain (Structure of the Earth)

1.2.1. 3 parts (core | mantle | core)

1.3. Tectonic places

1.3.1. what? crust (outermost layer of earth) is broken

1.3.2. why move? Convection currents + Slab-pull force

1.3.3. type of movement? Divergent move away Convergent move towards Transform move past

2. WHAT landforms / tectonic phenomena?

2.1. Landforms

2.1.1. Fold mountains convergent | compressional force => immense pressure location (Himalaya)

2.1.2. Rift valleys & Block mountains divergent | tensional forces rift valley: valley w steep sides location (East African Rift Valley | Hutt Valley)

2.1.3. Volcanoes definition convergent & divergent magma chamber | vents creservoir of molter rock | openings earth's surface characteristics low-silica lava => low viscosity high-silica lava => high viscosity formation shield volcanoes stratovocanoes distribution Pacific Ring of Fire

2.2. Phenomena

2.2.1. Earthquakes definition vibration type deep-focus earthquake shallow-focus earthquake extent (5) population density level of preparedness distance from the epicentre time of occurrence type of soil location measuring risks of living (6) tsunamis disruption of services landslides destruction of infrastructure loss of lives

2.2.2. volcanic eruptions active/ dormant/ extinct volcanoes risks of living (2) massive destruction pollution benefit (3) fertile soil stones & minerals tourism

3. HOW people prepare

3.1. preparedness measures (4)

3.1.1. land use regulation rules to restrict developments

3.1.2. infrastructure advanced engineering

3.1.3. emergency drills

3.1.4. warning systems earthquare tsunami

3.2. short-term responses (2)

3.2.1. last for weeks search & rescue emergency/food/medical supplies

3.3. long-term responses (2)

3.3.1. over months & years rebuilding of infrastructure provision of health care