Culture, Language and Education

Culture, Language and Education

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Culture, Language and Education by Mind Map: Culture, Language and Education

1. In language learning classrooms, learners need to engage with the ways in which context affects what is communicated. Both the learner’s culture and the culture in which meaning is created or communicated have an influence on the ways in which possible meanings are understood.

2. Intercultural Competence: It can be seen in various ways: as knowledge about cultural artefacts or works of art; as knowledge about places and institutions; as knowledge about events and symbols; or as knowledge about ways of living. It is also possible to consider this aspect of culture in terms of information and to teach the culture as if it were a set of the learnable rules which can be mastered by students.

3. Intercultural Communicative Competence: Knowledge of cultures is important for facilitating communication with people. Therefore, learners of languages need to learn about and understand cultures. Understanding culture as practices with which people engage becomes centrally important. This means that in the language classroom it is not just a question of learners developing knowledge about another culture but of learners coming to understand themselves in relation to some other culture. This is why there is a contemporary emphasis on ‘intercultural

4. Intercultural understanding: The characteristic of metacognition’, or awareness about how we learn, is integral to learning. Students need to understand how they learn. They need to continuously reflect on their learning and develop self-awareness of themselves as learners. There is a strong connection between learning and identity: learners need to negotiate constantly who they are, and how they can be/ should be/ would like to be in the language and culture they are learning.

5. Ethnocultural empathy: (EE) is defined as a learned ability and a personal trait which is related to certain personality traits on which people of any race, ethnicity, or culture vary