Culture of Health and Wellness

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Culture of Health and Wellness by Mind Map: Culture of Health and Wellness

1. Community

1.1. community programs that encourage wellness

1.1.1. Sports activities and community gardens that encourage those in the community to spend time together in a healthy environment.

1.2. Increase greenspace

1.2.1. Increase the amount of parks and places for people to exercise outdoors. Places for people to walk, jog, ride their bikes and fish in a healthy environment.

2. Decrease racism, bias and stigma

2.1. Education to reduce ideas of racism, bias and stigma

2.1.1. Education in schools, churches and community events to promote understanding of different cultures.

2.2. Increase activities that mix different cultures in a positive way

2.3. Socio-economic equity

2.3.1. Add programs to change how economic status influences the health of individual races.

2.3.2. Programs to end child poverty

3. Modify prescribing practices

3.1. Finding non-narcotic ways to help treat pain

3.1.1. Primary use of physical therapy, counseling and acupuncture instead of opiate use.

3.2. Educating patients on the risks of opiate use and abuse

3.2.1. Educating patients can empower them to control narcotic/ opiate use

3.3. Limit amount of opiates

3.3.1. Assess patients appropriately and dose as needed.

4. Access to health and rehabilitation

4.1. Increase funding for rehab

4.1.1. Increase federal and state funding to accommodate those without insurance or the money to pay for rehab.

4.2. Increase rehab bed availability

4.2.1. Increase the amount of facilities available for patients to receive treatment