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Keywords by Mind Map: Keywords

1. Are also relative subjects

1.1. - The world's favorite online thesaurus!

1.2. Themes

1.3. Topics

1.4. Thoughts

1.5. Ideas

1.6. Proposals

2. Definition: "Keywords are a tool to help indexers and search engines find relevant papers"

3. Search Engines & Databases

3.1. Using Keywords in search engines & databases

3.1.1. Boolean Operators MIT Libraries And Or Not

3.1.2. Choosing and Using Keywords

3.1.3. Use more keywords for a precise search or use less for a broader search

4. Derived from a topic

4.1. Example

4.1.1. [Topic]The functionality of graphite as a moderator in Nuclear reactors. Keyword: graphite moderator Keyword: Nuclear Reactors Keyword: operate or function

4.2. Do a basic search on a topic to inspire better keyword choices

4.2.1. Example: Found this site Inspired Keyword: RBMK Inspired Keyword: Light water graphite reactor

5. Also known as 'search terms'