Health and Physical Education is...

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Health and Physical Education is... by Mind Map: Health and Physical Education is...

1. Curriculum Docs - knowing what is expected, but also adjusting according to students needs, abilities and interests

2. Movement - of the mind and body

3. Inclusive to all - ensuring that it activities and topics are varied and take the needs of all into consideration

4. Respectful - understanding that there are rules that need to be followed at all times during activities as well as during discussions

5. Challenging - setting personal goals,to encourage yourself and others to met those goals

6. Safe - Understanding how to perform different activities safely, as well as a safe space for important discussions

7. Sportsmanship - respecting your opponents, be a team player, accept official rulings

8. Literacy - understanding both physical and health literacy is key to H&PE

9. Cooperative - working together, asking questions, giving suggestions

10. Positive - keep an open mind and keep trying!

11. Reflective - both as the teacher and student looking back at what activities worked, what goals were met and how can we improve

12. Growth - what you learn you will carry with you and you as the teacher or the student will continue to grow and improve with a good understanding of H&PE