Culture of Health

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Culture of Health by Mind Map: Culture of Health

1. Being Responsible Patient

1.1. Following doctor's directions. Only take your medication as prescribed and do not share your medication.

1.2. Asking questions. Make sure you are knowledgeable about your medication's side effects and how it is going to affect you.

2. Public Education

2.1. Making health education a priority in public schools at a young age. Kids should know about the realities of addiction and teaching them younger helps prevent stigmas from forming.

2.2. Accessibility. Making sure people know what resources are available to them and how they are able to access them.

3. Social factors

3.1. Housing. Making sure that people have a safe place to live so that they can first meet their physiological needs and then work towards a healthy lifestyle.

3.2. Employment. Ensuring that people have jobs and are able to provide for themselves.

4. Effective Public Policy

4.1. Collaboration. Scientific communities, academic communities, drug companies, should all be working together to find the best solutions to our health problems. We should be passing policies that promote this ideology.

4.2. Affordable healthcare. Being healthy should not be seen as a luxury, it is something that everyone should be entitled to.