Contemporary World

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Contemporary World by Mind Map: Contemporary World

1. Slang and abbreviations

1.1. Such as saying phrases or words like: "mood" "she's woke"

1.2. Such as abbreviating to "lol" "ttyl" "brb"

2. Relationships

2.1. Now relationships are a lot less strict; same sex relationships, interracial relationships etc.

3. Technology

3.1. Technology like phones, laptops, even things such as refrigerators or hair dryers are very modern and would not have been used in the past.

4. New English

4.1. "New English" is the English that we currently speak and is derived from Old English which was spoken in the past.

5. The America's

5.1. North America was not discovered in that time period, and now North America, is one of the most developed continents. Specifically, the United States of America has a big role on the current world (e.g Hollywood, technology etc.)

6. Laws

6.1. Now many things are not illegal, but are still frowned upon, (e.g adultery), and there are many new laws due to current society and technology (e.g laws about cars).