Effect of having trade union

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Effect of having trade union by Mind Map: Effect of having trade union

1. Tarnish brand image

1.1. patients not willing to come

1.1.1. Revenue will come down profit will come down

2. Key Consultants may move to other hospital

2.1. patients also will move to other hospitas

2.1.1. Revenue will comedown profits will comedown inability to pay dividend May lead to negative cashflow inability to pay supplier payment & salaries

3. May loss the International accrediation

3.1. Loss of international patients

3.1.1. Loss of revenue and foreign exchange Loss of profits

4. Difficult to maintain safety standards

4.1. Patients may move to other hospitals

4.1.1. Loss of Revenue Loss of profit No fund for technological upgrade

5. Difficult to maintain quality standards

5.1. Loss of international accridations

5.1.1. Loss of international patients Loss of foreign exchange loss of profits

6. Difficult to take management decisions independently.

6.1. Loss of proper direction

6.1.1. Loss of revenue