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Education Today by Mind Map: Education Today

1. 21 Century Skills

1.1. Typing vs Handwriting questions:

1.1.1. Is handwriting a necessary skill to have?

1.1.2. Should a student get docked points for spelling errors/poor writing?

1.1.3. What is the overall goal? Knowledge of a skill or a subject area?

1.1.4. If typing is faster is it better for the student?

2. Spelling

2.1. Are schools still conducting spelling tests?

2.1.1. 2nd, 3rd grade?

2.2. Words Their Way Spelling

2.3. Features progressive vowel sounds

2.4. Word - on going observation

3. Resources for Literature

3.1. AEA

3.1.1. Provides Schools with books without censorshop: all reading and interest levels

3.1.2. Great for Low Income Schools

3.1.3. Great for New Teachers

3.1.4. Wide selection of reading and digital material

3.2. Public Libraries

3.2.1. Great-Cheap book sales for New Teachers

4. Therapy

4.1. Motor Skills

4.1.1. Gross Motor Large Movement

4.1.2. Fine Motor Handwriting

4.2. Speech Therapy

4.3. AEA can Offer

4.4. Should Schools offer sooner? Should Daycare?

4.5. Compared to other countries are we behind in offering help?

5. Cross Curriculum Centers

5.1. Norman Borloug and George Washington Carver: Fantastic Bios!!

5.1.1. The World Food Prize would make a Great Field Trip!!

5.2. Loved the Idea of The IOWA STATE FAIR! Didn't realize it's been around since 1854!

5.3. Love the Toontastic tech, will try it in the future!

5.4. Grant Wood

5.4.1. A lot of history behind this Iowa Artist!