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Mosodojo Website by Mind Map: Mosodojo Website

1. About

1.1. Company Brief

1.1.1. Content: About the company

1.1.2. Why Mosodojo: Content: Company Highlights, Unique Selling Points, Edge over the Competition

1.1.3. CTA: Build Your Team (Inquire Now page)

1.2. Meet the Team

1.2.1. Content: Team member profiles

1.2.2. CTA: Build Your Team (Inquire Now page)

2. Services

2.1. Website Development

2.1.1. Content: How Mosodojo does Web Dev

2.1.2. Sample Work Highlight

2.1.3. CTA: Build Your Team (Inquire Now page)

2.2. Design

2.2.1. Content: What can Mosodojo can offer when it comes to design

2.2.2. Sample works + artist profile

2.2.3. CTA: Build Your Team (Inquire Now page)

2.3. Digital Marketing

2.3.1. Content: Digital Marketing Advantage with Mosodojo

2.3.2. SEO

2.3.3. PPC

2.3.4. Social

2.3.5. CTA: Build Your Team (Inquire Now page)

2.4. Content Creation

2.4.1. Content: Different kinds of materials that Mosodojo can create

2.4.2. CTA: Build Your Team (Inquire Now page)

2.5. Admin Services

2.5.1. Content: Admin Services that Mosodojo can provide

2.5.2. CTA: Build Your Team (Inquire Now page)

3. Our Work

3.1. Content: Project Highlights + CTA to view a sample project

3.2. CTA: Like what you see? (Inquire Now page)

4. Blog

4.1. Blog Articles

4.2. CTA: Contact Us (Inquire Now page)

5. Inquire Now

5.1. Contact Form (Name, Company, Email Address, Phone Number, Country, Where did you discovered Mosodojo, Service you want to get, Message text box)

5.2. NAP + Location Map

5.3. Social Media Integration

6. Homepage

6.1. Navigation Bar

6.1.1. Home

6.1.2. About Company Brief Meet the Team

6.1.3. Services Web Dev Design SEO Digital Marketing Content Creation Admin Services

6.1.4. Our Work

6.1.5. Blog

6.1.6. Inquire Now

6.2. First Fold

6.2.1. Banner Slide

6.3. CTA: What we can do (Services Page)

6.4. CTA: Build Your Team (Contact Us)

6.5. Footer

6.5.1. Contact Details

6.5.2. Quick links About Services Contact

6.5.3. Social media links