PWP Booklet 2019

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PWP Booklet 2019 by Mind Map: PWP Booklet 2019

1. Theatre Arts! Life imitates art or art imitates life. A Theatre Arts education prepares a professional for the arts, business, politics. Tools learned here are used everyday in these fields.

2. 1. Introduction

2.1. Chapters that will highlight a technique share its value and explain how it can be used in business and politics.

2.1.1. cast - staff

2.1.2. acting - communication breathing body voice on voice mic room

2.1.3. directing publics speaking small group communication

2.2. Claim: after reading this booklet, the reader will have a better understanding the use and importance of practical theatre tools to improve communication in a variety of professional setting.

2.3. My introduction to this new education and practical purpose in the early years.

3. First Chapter

3.1. Cast vs. Staff

3.2. Director vs. Project manager/Boss

3.2.1. Boundaries you are not the mother or father director walks a fine line in business and politics leads walks a fine line, too.

3.3. Getting cast to move forward in a positive manner. Staff reaching goals.

3.3.1. getting different personalities to work as a team

4. Second Chapter

4.1. politics

4.2. campaigns and productions

4.2.1. examples

4.3. public speeches by politicians make history

4.3.1. all set to do so costume stage room words/script

4.3.2. examples

5. Third Chapter

5.1. Argument

5.2. Example

5.3. Sources

6. 5. Conclusion

6.1. Restate thesis statement

6.2. Conclude

6.3. Clincher

7. Fourth Chapter

8. Fifth Chapter

9. Sixth Chapter