Mitchell Munro's Science Action Plan

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Mitchell Munro's Science Action Plan by Mind Map: Mitchell Munro's Science Action Plan

1. Laboratory Safety

1.1. Exploding Gummy Bears Lab Demo

1.2. Science Career and Safety Poster

1.3. Scavenger Hunts

1.4. Lab Safety Carousel Activity

2. Developing Metacognative Practices

2.1. Strategies to use in class everyday to promote student metacognition

2.2. Activities Before a Lesson

2.2.1. Application Cards

2.2.2. Pre-Assessment

2.3. Activities During a Lesson

2.3.1. Compare and Contrast

2.3.2. Modeling

2.3.3. Concept Maps

2.4. Activities After a Lesson

2.4.1. Exit Cards

2.4.2. Self Assessment

3. Promoting Positive Student Health

3.1. Promoting Good Stress

3.2. Mindfulness in the Science Classroom

3.2.1. Activities Breathing Techniques Nature Walks

3.3. Social-Emotional Learning

3.3.1. Art and Music Feed the Soul

3.3.2. Promoting Self-Awareness

3.3.3. Posting Student Work

4. Supporting Scientific Literacy

4.1. What is Scientific Literacy?

4.2. Tools to Support Scientific Literacy

4.3. Creating Independent Critical Thinkers