Prerequisite Skills to Learn Addition

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Prerequisite Skills to Learn Addition by Mind Map: Prerequisite Skills to Learn Addition

1. Model

1.1. Students can model a number using concrete materials or by drawing pictures

2. Number Sense

2.1. Meaning(number represents a collection) and recognition of numbers

3. Counting backward and forward

3.1. Students have the ability to count backward and forward to 50

4. Sequencing

4.1. Students know to write the big number at the top

5. Comparing and ordering numbers to 20

5.1. Students can arrange numbers up to 20 in ascending and descending order

6. Composing and de-composing of numbers

6.1. Students understand that 2 and 3 equals 5 and vice-versa.

7. Playing games/Following instructions

7.1. Students can play games following instructions by the teacher.