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Chemistry by Mind Map: Chemistry

1. Understand

1.1. Key concepts, theories, models

1.1.1. Diagrams, Mathematical representation, Computer Simulations with assumptions & limitations, Word-base analogies (laws & principles)

2. Describe, Explain, Make Predictions

2.1. Chemical System

2.1.1. Factors Affecting Chemical System, Control formation of desired product

3. Communicate Process and idea

3.1. Logically, fluently, structure evidence based arguments selecting genres, structures, language, nomenclature

4. Critically Evaluate information sources

4.1. Compare/contrast idea, information & opinions presented within and between scientific texts

4.1.1. Construct Scientific arguments

5. Active Inquiry into Phenomena

5.1. Scientific Investigation

5.1.1. Identify, research &construct question proposing hypothesis & predicting outcomes

5.1.2. Design Investigation Procedure, Data to collect, Risk assessment, Ethical Research

5.1.3. Conduct Investigation Collection of valid & reliable data (qualitative & quantitative) Representing data , Analyse data, Recognise errors

6. Independent & Collaborative Research

6.1. Decision Making

6.1.1. Significant Impact on Society as Environmental Science