Light Energy

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Light Energy by Mind Map: Light Energy

1. Light Sources

1.1. Definition: Objects that give off their own light

1.2. Natural sources

1.2.1. Star

1.2.2. Sun rises in the East, sets in the West Low in the sky in the mornings & evenings shadows are long Directly above head at noon shadows are short

1.2.3. Firefly

1.3. Artificial sources

1.3.1. Lit bulb/lamp

1.3.2. Campfire

1.3.3. Lit torch

2. Functions

2.1. Reflected into eyes to enable us to see

2.2. Absorbed by plants for photosynthesis

3. Properties of Light

3.1. Can be transmitted (pass through materials)

3.1.1. most light passes through object is transparent

3.1.2. some light pass through object is translucent

3.1.3. no light pass through/light is blocked completely object is opaque

3.2. Can be absorbed

3.3. Can be reflected

3.3.1. we can see non-sources of light when light is reflected off them into the eyes

3.4. Travels in a straight line

3.4.1. light can be blocked to form shadows when shadows are dark, the object blocks most/all of the light from passing through when shadows are lighter, the object allows some light to pass through, and blocks some of the light

4. Shadow

4.1. size increases when

4.1.1. object is nearer to the light source

4.1.2. object further from the screen

4.2. size decreases when

4.2.1. object is further from the light source

4.2.2. object is nearer to the screen