Supporting Johnny

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Supporting Johnny by Mind Map: Supporting Johnny

1. Mom exhibiting anxiety over Dad's return

2. Possible fighting at home. Johnny may be scared, may not be getting enough sleep, may not feel safe. Basic needs may not be met?

3. Provide him with a teacher mentor

4. Create a Calm down corner in the classroom

5. Provide him with a hall pass to see the counselor as necessary

6. Implement mindful moments to start the day

7. Have a meeting with the parents to discuss the changes being observed at school

8. Possible Reasons for behavior

8.1. Anxious about Dad's return

8.2. Dad exhibiting volatile behavior at home

9. Possible Discussion Points

9.1. What was it like with Dad gone?

9.2. What is it like to have Dad back?

9.3. If you could tell your parents how you feel, what would you say?

9.4. Is Dad the same?

9.4.1. If you feel he is different, how?

10. Resources for Mom & Possibly Dad


10.2. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

10.3. PTSD Resources for Veterans & Families

10.4. Military PTSD Help: Combat Stress, PTSD & TBI Recovery Program | WWP



10.7. Military PTSD Resources

10.8. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (for Parents) - KidsHealth

10.9. Free 24/7 Support for Military Life | Military OneSource