Hemp advantage Plus

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Hemp advantage Plus by Mind Map: Hemp advantage Plus

1. Differentiate between the 3 versions of hemp oil?

2. PEA Standalone

2.1. why PEA&Hemp and not PEA standalone?

3. Testimonials (Patients and HCPs)

4. Involve PLMx

5. Education

5.1. Construct educational campaign

5.2. Create MAPS & protocols

5.3. Illustrate education on opioid pathways vs. PEA

5.4. Attend/sponsor in conferences and seminars on pain management as a new outreach

5.5. Having Ads in journals related to pain e.g. Pain week

5.6. Panel discussion n application of SPMs, Hemp, PEA. e.g. Serhan, Piomelli, and Knox

5.7. how to talk about the biochemistry of PEA

6. Convince HCP to pay a higher price?/Justify additional cost for PEA?

6.1. studies to back up the cost

7. Messaging

7.1. Clear messaging to new MDs dealing with pain management

7.2. Communicate where PEA comes from & why supplementation is advantage over diet?

7.3. Clear messaging to "IFM-ers"

7.4. messaging on conversion rate in the body? why someone has higher or lower PEA?

8. Pain management decision tree? SPM, Hemp, PEA, ect.

8.1. Identify indicators that people respond/non-respond to PEA, SPMs, hemp will e.g. recommend genetic testing (SNPs), etc.