Storage devices and media

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Storage devices and media by Mind Map: Storage devices and media

1. Backing up of data

1.1. is

1.1.1. Refers to the copying of files/data to a different medium (Disk, tape, flash drive, etc.) in case of a problem with the main secondary storage device. why? To safeguard against loss of data due to the failure of the original secondary storage device To safeguard against damage caused by hackers. In the case the files need to be used elsewhere. This protects the originals against possible corruption or loss.

2. Types of Access

2.1. Serial Access

2.1.1. is It is primarily used in magnetic tape systems and is a very slow form of data Access

2.2. Direct Access

2.2.1. is Is used with magnetic disks, optical media and solid state media. It is used in applications where data Access speed is vital

3. Primary storage

3.1. is

3.1.1. Is the storage provided by memory in a computer system. could be RAM ROM

4. Secondary storage media.

4.1. is

4.1.1. Is storage provided by peripheral devices other than memory

4.2. can be

4.2.1. Magnetic is HDD Portable hard disk drives Magnetic tapes

4.2.2. Optical is Laser light is used to read data and to write data on the Surface of a disk

4.2.3. Solid state is SSD Pen drives Flash memory cards

4.3. measures in

4.3.1. KB: Kilobyte

4.3.2. MB: Megabyte

4.3.3. GB: Gigabyte

4.3.4. TB: Terabyte