Teaching Domains

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Teaching Domains by Mind Map: Teaching Domains

1. Classroom Management

1.1. Blended: Cognitive/Behavioural

1.1.1. Smaller classes : teacher vs student ratios, more space and time to make learning meaningful.

1.2. School Counsellor

1.3. Reinforcement / Rewards/ Accountability as opposed to punishment.

1.4. Behavioural/Cognitive

1.5. Assessment Centered

1.6. Constructivist

2. Lesson Planning

2.1. Collaborative with learners, and other teachers

2.1.1. Weekly Planning Meetings with other departments

2.2. Cognitive

2.3. Group Planning under the guidance of a PYP Coordinator (Link to SLT)who would assist with leveraging top management to support learning journeys

2.4. Project Based learning

2.5. Formative/Summative Assessment (Peer Assessment)

2.6. Student Centered

2.7. Service Learning

3. Instructional Delivery Style

3.1. Recipricol

3.2. Modeling

3.3. Scaffolding

3.4. Collaborative

3.5. Behavioural & Cognitive

3.6. Facilitation & Guidance ( Not hand holding) Challenging (working with in the ZPD : differentiated)

3.7. Knowledge Centered