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Home Trading Club by Mind Map: Home Trading Club

1. Покупка Обучения

1.1. Hi there, this is Steve again and I want to welcome you in our educational chat, here you will be receiving all the updates in regards to your educational program from Home Trading Club and you may ask me any questions in regards to our educational program here, any time.

1.1.1. Now I will send you a full access to our basic course of trading forex markets. This course will explain to you how to start trading, avoid common beginners mistakes and of course how to start making profits from day one using minimum risks, again, if you will be having any questions, please ask me, I'm here for you always. Basic Course Link. Hey, how are you today ? So, have you passed our basic course yet ?

2. Покупка Сигналов

2.1. Welcome to the H.T.C. signals messenger, here, you will receiving your trading signals that you may use to make profits together with us. We are giving you a whole week of signals from us free so you could test us and decide and make a final decision if you are down to start making profit trading, with us, let me show you how signals would arrive here.

2.1.1. Сообщение с форматом сигналов которые будут приходить So we are sending signals to our subscribers couple of times a day, everything you need to do, is go to your trading account and open trades. by the way do you have a trading account registered yet? Yes No

3. Выбор Чат Бота

3.1. Hello, welcome to Home Trading Club. My name is Steve B. I will be helping you and guiding you thru our community. Before, before we begin let me show you a short video explaining who we are.

3.1.1. Introduction Video As you understand, we are having different ways of cooperating, if you are trading already you may join our trading signals community, if you are just a beginner, get your educational material to help you begin , to proceed just choose what is best for you and I will explain to you everything further. Signals Studies