Understanding the concept of L&D

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Understanding the concept of L&D by Mind Map: Understanding the concept of L&D

1. Week 1: organisations and implications on L&D policy and practice

1.1. Organisation types

1.1.1. delivery channel

1.1.2. Production

1.1.3. Client focus

1.1.4. Maturity

1.1.5. Evolution

1.1.6. Reach

1.1.7. ownership

1.2. Golden Thread

1.2.1. Relationship my Actions and activity day to day Goal & Strategy

1.3. Philosophy

1.3.1. WHY? learnings keyrole

1.3.2. WHAT? Key competencies

1.3.3. WHO?

1.3.4. WHEN?

1.3.5. WHERE?

1.3.6. HOW? 12 ways CIPD

1.4. Sectors

1.4.1. FINANCE Challenges Digital solutions impact legislation Approach yourself strategic Partners Effect on policy Evidence based

1.4.2. RETAIL Challenges Engagement performance based relevant Time Approach meeting needs Bitesize Learning culture Effect on policy anytime/ anyplace data protection

1.4.3. PUBLIC Challenges Funding Change Management Style Approach Flexible L&D champions Digital Effect on Policy Learning culture evidence behind learning

1.5. Red Thread

1.5.1. Impact on implementation

1.6. Policy Statements

1.6.1. Strategy = What = Actionplan

1.6.2. Policy = How

2. Week 2: Strategic objectives and factors that have an impact