Data Collection

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Data Collection by Mind Map: Data Collection

1. Reporting

1.1. Need a better cadence for when report outs go to leadership

1.2. Need a suite of reports to transfer quick and easily to PP to quickly tell a story.

1.3. RTG reporting: some report to Chandra, some to GM. Need to streamline.

1.4. Collection tool serves it’s purpose

1.5. We need advanced metrics from the Collection Tool

2. Streamlined Process

2.1. everyone is asking the same information, could we model one tool?

2.2. Would like more advanced planning/predictabilty

2.3. RTG is the “feds”. Bus are the state. Should be more infrastructure from the Feds.

2.4. Institutionalize the needs and make it a permanent needs.

2.5. I already publish a monthly dashboard

2.6. RTG reporting: some report to Chandra, some to GM. Need to streamline.

2.7. Collection tool works ok. It needs to be streamlined and it is cumbersome

2.8. Need to find efficiencies, pull together best practices

2.9. Lots of work to do to make the collection tool process lesspainful and more valuable.

3. Strategic Need

3.1. PDP is strategic imperative, need someone to oversee big picture, optimize usage and create standard set of reports.

3.2. Wearing too many hats, what aligns with my strategic goals?

3.3. RF manages people but can also be used to manage porfolios

3.4. Tying to financial process to predict financials leads to better AOP Planning.

3.5. Need advance planning at AOP within our SAP barriers

4. Data integrity

4.1. If we had better tracking, we could break down the data based on the audience.

4.2. Need consistent data, metrics.

4.3. 6Q and AOP planning are busy. Need to be able to review resourcing for accuracy (goal 90%)

4.4. Lessen the number of spreadsheets to complete vs “checking the box” What is the integrity of the data reported