1MM Bot Strategy: Flows

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1MM Bot Strategy: Flows by Mind Map: 1MM Bot  Strategy: Flows

1. Quizz:"What Type Of Meditation Is Right For YOU?" (for existing Subscr.)

1.1. Silent/Mindfulness

1.1.1. 7 Days Sequence

1.2. Guided/Visualization

1.2.1. 7 Days Sequence

1.3. Releasing/Breath

1.3.1. 7 Days Sequence

1.4. Intion/New Reality

1.4.1. 7 Days Sequence

2. Partnerships

2.1. Ref URL for Unify

2.1.1. Welcome Bot + Personalization (came via Unify) Great to see you support ujify and thx for being interested in !mm Descr 1MM Global Meditation Live free programs on 1MM FB page Educate: See 1st (Tinny screen rec) Gift them the 31MM medi & Ask them to go to UV page

2.2. Ref URLs Ambassadors

2.2.1. Broadcasting Ambass

3. 54 Weeks Challenge (Anita Ref URL)

3.1. IG/FB/TW

3.2. Ties into Welcome Bot?

4. Live 1MM Meditation Programs

4.1. Intention Meditations

4.1.1. Leave a comment Get Intention Worksheet Trigger Thx for commenting on our Intention Live See below Worksheet Attach the pdf Running more of these, be notified? Yes No Send Elly the pdf for 1st flow Set up Groth tool for the live vids Screen recording how to

4.1.2. Ambassador have to: "To get the sheet you must comment below and we will send it to you in Messenger" Say it at the beginning/end

4.1.3. Type in the Description of Live "To get the sheet you must comment below and we will send it to you in Messenger"

4.2. Create New Reality

4.2.1. Leave a comment Get Mind Movie Trigger

4.3. Tibetan Bowls Concert

4.3.1. Leave a comment Get Sample Trigger

4.4. Gratitude Challenge

4.4.1. Leave a comment Get Gratitude Jar

4.5. Kids Meditations

4.5.1. Leave a comment Get Handout Trigger

5. Syndicate FB Live Videos to multiple networks