Creating a Positive Classroom Atmosphere

Creating a Positive Classroom Atmosphere

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Creating a Positive Classroom Atmosphere by Mind Map: Creating a Positive Classroom Atmosphere

1. foster a sense of safety and security

1.1. “It’s ok to make mistakes”

2. encourage and celebrate success

2.1. provide positive feedback

2.2. recognize positive behaviour

3. ensure a sense of belonging and self-worth

3.1. celebrate diversity and uniqueness

4. create positive teacher-student relationships

4.1. build rapport with students

4.2. listen to students

4.3. support social/emotional learning

5. differentiate learning

5.1. provide accommodations and modifications when necessary

5.2. include various learning methods

6. include Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

6.1. ensure all students have the opportunity to learn as best as they can regardless of their differing needs and abilities

7. teach “how to be a good friend”

7.1. teach and model respect

7.2. encourage collaboration and communication

8. co-create a classroom agreement

8.1. create and discuss rules and expectations to follow together as a class

9. encourage risk-taking

9.1. make students feel comfortable in asking questions and participating

10. make learning fun and relevant

10.1. incorporate active, hands=on learning based on students' interests

11. co-create the learning environment

11.1. encourage students to help with the arrangement of furniture, what goes on the walls, etc.

12. “Fairness is not sameness”

12.1. provide the various tools students need to succeed