Expo 2020 Gov Summit (future of the governments)

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Expo 2020 Gov Summit (future of the governments) by Mind Map: Expo 2020 Gov Summit (future of the governments)

1. WEF interactive surveys to show the UAE's achievements

1.1. for all subthemes of expo2020

2. iPredict game (let them play)

3. Virtual Reality through Glasses

3.1. past, present, future

3.2. interactive quiz to see UAE history and future

4. Space tourism and activites to feel like theyre in space

5. sustainable energy

5.1. achievments of nuclear plant

5.2. solar energy

5.3. artificial petrol and how to make it (movie)

6. Future Shaping Workshop

6.1. Future of jobs (20% of jobs can be automated)

7. Interactive screens (to teach about culture and their traditions)

7.1. Driverless transport to the Summit sponsored by UAE

7.2. rain (walk through without getting wet) smoke to show the story of the UAE(from the beginning)

8. Tolerance and Cohesion Circle

9. Show youth achievements in a workshop

10. robot assistants with voice and face recognition

11. time capsule for UAE (1971) or 2071 show how the UAE will look like

11.1. in a time range show what happened exactly