Context of L&D

What I learnt so far.

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Context of L&D by Mind Map: Context of L&D

1. Type of organisations

1.1. Evolution

1.2. Age

1.3. Delivery Channel

1.4. Client Focus

1.5. Reach

1.6. Production Focus

1.7. Ownership

2. Challenges L&D face in different sectors

2.1. Public

2.1.1. Budget cuts

2.1.2. not enough funds for council

2.1.3. Look at other ways to deliver services

2.2. Retail

2.2.1. Grow sales

2.2.2. Training staff

2.2.3. Retail trading hours makes it difficult to provide this training

2.2.4. Have to look at alternative hours

2.3. Finance

2.3.1. Focused of profits

2.3.2. New technology must be implemented

2.3.3. Not enough time focused on training

3. Golden Thread

3.1. Link between organisational strategy and goals

3.2. Links to Departments plans and objectives

3.3. Teams plans and objective

3.4. Individuals objectives

4. L&D Policy

4.1. What

4.1.1. What result is expected

4.1.2. What issue is being addressed

4.2. Why

4.2.1. Is it linked to the overall business strategy

4.2.2. is there a need for it

4.3. How

4.3.1. How much would the training cost

4.3.2. Other resources would be used

4.3.3. time spent on training

4.3.4. will there be tracing of the results and what impact will it have

4.4. Who

4.5. Where

4.6. When