Crucible/McCarthyism PBL/Webquest

Social Change Webquest

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Crucible/McCarthyism PBL/Webquest by Mind Map: Crucible/McCarthyism PBL/Webquest

1. Indiana State Standards:

1.1. RL.4.1 Multiple Interpretations

1.2. RL.4.2 Historical Context and Text

1.3. RN.2.2 Central Ideas

1.4. RN.4.2Multiple Sources

1.5. RN.4.3 Analyze and Synthesize Historical Document

2. ISTE Standards:

2.1. Comp Thinker: 5d: Collect data and analyze w/ Digital Tools

2.2. Creative Comm: 6c Communicate complex ideas

2.3. Knowledge Constructor: 3.d: Explore Real-World Issues

3. Both Indiana Standards (IS) and ISTE Standards are complimentary as: the IS are focused on analysis and synthesis of information and data. The ISTE Standards focus on the implementation and what to do with the data to present. Therefore, complementary.

4. Big 6:

4.1. Task Definition: 1. Define - Create a presentation over a student-group selected cultural issue and seek to resolve issue through middle-ground. 2. Identify: Through the study of Arthur Miller's allegory The Crucible, students will examine for what purpose Miller wrote his play and his message delivered.

4.2. Sources: 1. All sources: Basic google search over the following keywords: McCarthy, Miller and McCarthy, hysteria - yielded over 400,000 sources 2. Selecting sources: I selected sources based on their credibility and the connectedness of the original sources. Miller from University of Virginia actually contains original documents.

4.3. Use of Info: Students will research and interpret data from group-selected research. They will then create an online poll and disseminate that poll on social media among peers and outside of peer group. Students will then interpret that data to move forward

4.4. Locate and Find: Connected valuable sources to each standard (both IS and ISTE). Students will be selecting their own standards based on the evaluating sources rubric.

4.5. Synthesis and Organize: Students will organize and interpret the value of their new data. They will then determine how to best present that information, both from research and interpretation of data.

4.6. Judge: Students will view presentations online and react with group response to proposals. Once presentations are complete and students view other's reaction to their middle-ground solutions. Students will then reflect on the success of their ideas.

5. Webquest Story Board:

5.1. Introduction: Students are activists to set to overcome a new hysteria situation that has recently emerged in the community.

5.2. Task: Students will study past example of hysteria creation and the ramifications of such issue. Then, students will select their own cultural issue, research with both print and online resources as well as an online created poll. Students will then create a middle-ground solution to their problem.

5.3. Process: 1. Students will research McCarthy and Miller - what happened, why, and outcome. 2. Select a highly charged issue in our society today and research that topic in the same manner modeled through teacher. 3. Create a poll to seek further information, removing bias from poll. 4. Analyze and synthesize information, combining both poll and research.

5.4. Evaluation: Students will self-evaluate. Teacher will evaluate during each step: 1. Process, 2. Poll, 3. Presentations, 4. Project, 5. Reflection

5.5. Resources: See standards

5.6. Conclusion: Student Reflection

5.7. Teacher Page: Rubrics, Teacher Review of Info and Suggested Topics Page. - Lesson Plan Link