5 Stages of The Project Lifecycle

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5 Stages of The Project Lifecycle by Mind Map: 5 Stages of The Project Lifecycle

1. 2. Project Planning

1.1. Green Light

1.1.1. Plan to Stay on Budget

1.1.2. Plan to Stay on a Timeline

1.1.3. Obtaining Human & Natural Resources Money Materials

1.1.4. Prepare for Obstacles or Restraints on Goals

1.1.5. Understand the Scope, Cost and Time on Project

2. 1. Project Initiation

2.1. Value and Feasibility are measured

2.1.1. 2 Tools used to evaluate feasibility Business Case Document Financial Benefits and needs Feasibility Study Goals Timeline Cost

2.1.2. Abandon Project if Unprofitable

2.1.3. Profitable: Continue to Next Stage

3. 3.Project Execution

3.1. Allocation of Resources

3.2. Satisfying Customers needs and wants

3.2.1. Satisfying Stakeholders

3.3. Keeping Team members focused on assigned tasks

3.3.1. & On time with Time Management

3.3.2. Carrying out tasks as designed in plan

4. 5. Project Closure

4.1. Delivery of Finished Project

4.1.1. To Stakeholders

4.1.2. To Customer(s)

4.2. Allocating all resources to next project

4.3. Evaluate & Document project outcome

4.4. Learn from mistakes and successful for future projects