Mind Map for Profile Paper

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Profile by Mind Map: Profile

1. Concerts

1.1. I could write about my Dad and I going to see Dead and Company. I could research the the origins of how the Grateful Dead became Dead and Company.

1.1.1. Music has always been a way my Dad and I bond. The Grateful Dead are his favorite band and from a research perspective they would be fun to study and they have a lot research material.

2. Immigration Lottery

2.1. After talking to my friend Simu, who came to this U.S through a Immigration Lottery.

2.1.1. Recent headlines have been about how the Trump Administration wants to end the Immigration lottery This topic interest me because I don't know much about it. I would like to find out why Sumu would leave his job as a French Teacher to come to U.S by himself through this lottery system to work in surgery. I would also like to know how it works and how many other people in the U.S came here the same way.

3. Neurosurgery

3.1. I work in surgery and could interview many surgeons. Maybe research brain aneurysms and compare it to brain coiling.

4. guitars

4.1. I have played guitars for more than 20 years now. I know many musicians and could research the many different models of Gibson Guitars.

5. Rescue Dogs

5.1. Having rescued my dog chloe, I could interview with the company we went through. I could research the different dog laws that we have in the United States.

6. Beer

6.1. Drinking new beers is a hobby I enjoy. I would like to investigate the origins of IPA's and the new trend of Micro breweries and Craft breweries.