Teaching the four skills

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Teaching the four skills by Mind Map: Teaching the four skills

1. Teaching Listening

1.1. Aspects of the application of the four skills construction

1.2. Set up your utterances.

1.2.1. Learning outcome: Awareness upon the introduction of the new techniques. Task: Workshop to apply listening Quiz of unit.

2. Teaching Speaking

2.1. Contribution of speaking practice for Getting familiar with the speaking skill.

2.1.1. Learning Outcome: Getting familiar with speaking projects. Task: Presentations to summarize first two units. (Rubric)

2.2. Speaking through projects

3. Teaching Reading

3.1. Effective practice by reading

3.1.1. Learning outcome: The use of effective listening and reading. Task: Ss prepare a presentation on how to teach reading.

3.2. Reading as a fundamental skill.

4. Teaching Writing.

4.1. The combination of the four skills in writing.

4.1.1. Learning outcome:Practical use of the new language effectively. Task: Ss have to write an essay about topic assign by professor.

4.2. Writing by descriptive prompts.