Immune System

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Immune System by Mind Map: Immune System

1. Functions

1.1. Protects against foreign substance entering the body

2. Malfunctioning

2.1. Autoimmune disease

2.1.1. Lupus

2.1.2. Rheumatoid Arthritis

2.1.3. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

2.2. Attacking you, not foreign substances

2.3. Allergies

2.3.1. Pollen

2.3.2. Peanuts

2.3.3. Mold

2.3.4. Firing of immune system to something that isn't harmful

3. Structure

3.1. Innate Defenses

3.1.1. General, built into humans Skin Ear wax Mucus Tears

3.1.2. Histamine (protein) Cause inflamation Cause allergic reaction

3.1.3. Fevers

3.2. Adaptive Defenses

3.2.1. Specific, everyone is born with ability for this Foreign body enters and body memorizes how to fight it off

3.2.2. White blood cells Keep the memory; lasting immunity B cells T cells