Global Knowledge

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Global Knowledge by Mind Map: Global Knowledge

1. The role of a teacher

1.1. provide opportunity for students to apply citizen education

1.1.1. connect with other countries and programs

1.2. understand students learning styles and provide different communication styles

1.3. Help student be listeners

1.4. to be a guide, coach and cheerleader

2. citizenship education

2.1. identify global pattern

2.1.1. characteristics of language uses as a moral authority power and authority

2.1.2. Learn to solve world problems creative use of technology Identify common issues and cause and effects of the crisis

2.1.3. use self -knowledge use the skills taught in schools and cultures take actions to make the world a more sustainable place

2.2. Development Education

2.2.1. learn about other perspectives understand human choice individual and community understand the attitudes of culture compare characteristics between societies

2.2.2. examine economic , political, technological , scientific development

2.3. Student outcomes

2.3.1. learn the qualities of a global citizen Take responsibility for their actions Learn moral obligations fairness, justice , rule of law and human rights importance of citizen participation Respect and values diversity

3. connecting and collaborating with others