Grace Hills Connection Road Map

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Grace Hills Connection Road Map by Mind Map: Grace Hills Connection Road Map

1. Web & Social

1.1. Plan a Visit

1.2. Text Reminder on Saturday Night

1.3. Personalize Gift Bag

2. 1st Time Guest Follow Up

2.1. Danny Scans and Sends to Staff, Prayer Team, and Connect Team

2.2. Guest Info Added to Planning Center by Connect Team

2.2.1. => Guest Receives a Thank You Text Sunday/Monday

2.2.2. => Guest Receives a Personalized Video Thank You via Email

2.2.3. => Guest Receives a 'Come Back' Text on Saturday Evening

3. Connection Card

3.1. Mention at Beginning of Serivce

3.2. Hand One to Guests with Bag

3.3. Combine with Kids' First Time

3.4. Mention NEXT STEPS!!

4. Guest Indicates a Next Step

4.1. Guest Makes a Decision for Christ

4.1.1. Pastor(s) Follows Up

4.2. Guest Desires Baptism

4.2.1. Danny's Team Follows Up

4.3. Guest Desires to Join a Group

4.3.1. Connect Team Helps Align with Group

4.4. Desires to Host a Group

4.4.1. Staff Assigned to Walk with Them

4.5. Guest Fills Out Serve or Shape Form

4.5.1. Form Goes to Connect Team

4.5.2. Staff Member Assigned to Follow Up Based on Answers / Interest

4.6. Enrolls in Discover GH / Growth Track

4.6.1. Connect Team Answers with Next Date

5. Arrive at GH

5.1. Greeted at Road

5.2. Greeted at Doors

5.3. Greeting in Room