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Verified Businesses by Mind Map: Verified Businesses

1. Verified Businesses - Business Brokers Sunshine Coast

2. Verified Businesses was established in 2010. Verified Businesses is totally focused on listing businesses to successfully sell them - not just listing for the sake of listing. In doing so, our objective is to provide all of our clients with the highest levels of service and advice possible. The current principal, Craig Campbell, has worked as a business broker on the Sunshine Coast for the past 9 years, and has an excellent 30-year background in running, owning and selling businesses. Being a proven and highly effective operator in management, marketing and business development. Craig is a Registered Business Valuer RBV and Certified Practicing Business Broker CPBB , and his team of professionals are a truly unique resource to draw upon when it comes to selling or buying businesses. In fact, at Verified Businesses, we have five highly experienced BUSINESS BROKERS see more about our brokers , who have all owned their own businesses, have a background in business management, and are members of the Australian Institute of Business Brokers AIBB . All are professionally trained to assist buy or sell your business in today's competitive environment.

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4. Verified Businesses - Business Brokers Sunshine Coast