DevSecOps thought leadership

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DevSecOps thought leadership by Mind Map: DevSecOps thought leadership

1. Network

1.1. Create NoVA DevSecOps hub? (not yet)

1.2. Dev(Sec)Ops meetups

1.2.1. DevOpsDC - Excella consulting (active, w/ RedHat) attend 8/13 Tues speak (by Nov 15)

1.2.2. join OWASP (Reston) as individual member

1.2.3. DC enterprise DevOps

1.3. join OpenShift Commons

1.3.1. IG: Operators

1.3.2. IG: .gov

1.3.3. IG: image builders

1.4. GitLab events (lots! monitor this)

2. DevSecOps lab (AWS)

2.1. on-going software development that puts DevSecOps ideas into practice

2.2. could be email interceptor, ready for when new developer joins project (sanitize in our secured lab)

2.3. Dynatrace + EasyTravel (docker)

2.3.1. use w/ training to study for exam

2.3.2. spin up for Science Logic, simple instructions

3. Social media

3.1. Twitter? (Swish DevSecOps identity?)

3.2. LinkedIn (professional, cutting edge profile, use new picture)

3.3. Follow @PodCTL

4. DevSecOps tutorials

4.1. OpenShift

4.1.1. local dev 4.1 code-ready containers 3.11 minishift (VirtualBox) oc cluster up (docker)

4.1.2. Swish open source Use at CBP: haraka + Rails 6 Active Mailbox, HAproxy or nginx for email processing (open source interceptor) NoVA OpenShift DC Ruby Arlington Ruby DevOps DC RailsConf 2020 OpenShift commons DC enterprise DevOps network script web gui

4.1.3. concepts operators microservice patterns OpenShift pipelines

5. pipeline

5.1. CI

5.1.1. travis ci

5.1.2. sonarcloud

5.2. CD

5.3. monitoring