Miss Howe's Mind Map

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Miss Howe's Mind Map by Mind Map: Miss Howe's Mind Map

1. Tools for Writing

2. Tools for Calculating

3. Tools for Organizing

4. Tools for Networking

4.1. Twitter: social network tool that connects me to other educators around the world.

5. Glogster: an interactive poster creation for an engaging activity.

6. ClassDojo: communication tool to connect myself with parents and build a better classroom community.

7. Online Stopwatch: helps myself and students stay on track for any timed activity.

8. Grammarly: tool to help students write and peer edit properly.

9. Google Calendar: tool to keep me updated on what's ahead.

10. Gmail: easy way to email and communicate with other educators.

11. Flickr: image storage tool that lets students or myself share experiences through photos.

12. FunBrain: interactive games for first grade students.

13. Math Playground: teaching first grade math through interactive games.

14. Pinterest: networking tool that allows me to share and pin items I am looking for.

15. Google Docs: create documents like lesson plans for myself or to share with my team.

16. LinkedIn: networking tool to meet others in the same fields of interest.

17. PBS Learning Media: videos, games, lessons that are elementary level.

18. Wikipedia: informational source for research.

19. Teachers Pay Teachers: resources I can collect or share with other educators.