14 Alternatives to Google

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14 Alternatives to Google by Mind Map: 14 Alternatives to Google

1. Bing

1.1. a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft

1.2. the third largest search engine globally

1.3. provides a variety of search services, including web, video, image and map search products

2. Yahoo

2.1. a web search engine owned by Yahoo

2.2. it is the second largest search engine worldwide across all platforms with 2.32% market share

2.3. handy features include travel guide, horoscope, weather report, retail options and handful more

3. DuckDuckGo

3.1. Private search history

3.2. doesn’t collect or store any of your personal information

4. Wolfram|Alpha

4.1. a computational knowledge engine which gives facts and data for number of topics from externally sourced ‘curated data’, instead of caching web pages

4.2. can do all sorts of calculations, from as simple as addition to complex calculus and statistics

5. SlideShare

5.1. a really handy place to source information from presentations, slide decks, webinars

6. Quora

6.1. Ask any question and its erudite community will offer their replies

6.2. can choose from any similar queries previously asked

7. Dogpile

7.1. it pulls in and ‘curates’ results from various different engines including Google, Yandex and Yahoo

8. Yandex

8.1. This is a Russian portal, offering many similar products and services as Google

8.2. offers results in a nice logical format

8.3. it offers a suite of some pretty cool tools

9. Blekko

9.1. uses an initiative called slashtags – a text tag preceded by a “/” slash character, which may be used for custom and categorized searches

10. Ecosia

10.1. an environmentally friendly search engine

10.2. uses the revenues generated from search engine queries to plant trees

10.3. needs around 45 searches to plant a new tree

11. Swisscows

11.1. one of the more unique options on this list, billing itself as a family-friendly semantic search engine

12. Boardreader

12.1. surfaces results purely from forums, message boards and, of course, Reddit

13. CC Search

13.1. particularly handy if you need to find copyright free images for your website

13.2. a search aggregator offering access to search results provided by a number of independent organizations

14. Ask.com

14.1. a slightly mediocre search engine pretending to be a question and answer site

14.2. the ‘Popular Q&A’ results found on the right hand side are very handy