Oks Printing Press

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Oks Printing Press by Mind Map: Oks Printing Press

1. Machine Operator

1.1. Machine Operator The the person who operates a machine to print the layouts edited and sent by the editors as final products ready to deliver for the clients.

2. Editor

2.1. The person who edits layouts used for the machine operator to print such as tarpaulins, etc.

3. Secretary

3.1. The Secretary is the one who receives orders from the Company Owner and distributes the orders to the other personnels to the do the tasks

4. Owner

4.1. He is the leader of the printing press. The one who gives orders to the printing press personnels.

5. Delivery Men

5.1. They are the people who delivers the products to a destination where the client receives the product he ordered from the printing service.

6. Manager

6.1. The person who manages the printing press.

7. Sales Executive

7.1. The person who negotiates with future clients