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Mission by Mind Map: Mission

1. 3) Possible locations

1.1. Codes

1.1.1. EW16NE3 Outram park Located within the central of Singapore Home to several key municipal buildings Possible targeted location

1.1.2. NS24NE6 Dhoby Ghaut Located in the central of Singapore High volume of civilians as well as tourists High chance as a targeted location However, due to tight security, this will not be the location of the bomb.

1.1.3. NE4DT19 Chinatown Located in the central of Singapore High volume of tourists High chance as a targeted location Poem: "A POEM to string your secret codes, A DENT is made when the bomb explodes." Due to the numbers of festivals going on in Chinatown, high chance the bomb is planted there Specific location: Chinatown Food Street (Picture in powerpoint attached)

1.1.4. JE5EW24 Jurong East Possible targeted location

1.1.5. Tourist Statistics Top 3 free tourist location : Chinatown , Orchard road ,Little India Open air Fam club: Republic of food by the hive new Bridge road (near Chinatown) Vegan street food crawl (Chinatown) The 50cent Feast(Chinatown)

2. 2) Relationship between Singapore and Indonesia

2.1. I will be choosing the Macdonalds House Bombing due to it being the successful attack towards Singapore as compared to other failed attempts to terrorize Singapore such as the Yishun MRT attempt and Tuas Management Plant

2.1.1. Tensions prevalent since the 1965 MacDonalds House bombing Tensions started to rise when Indonesia named two of their warships after the two attackers in 2014

3. 1) Terrorism

3.1. Similarities: Locations targeted were places with high volume of civilians

3.1.1. TOWARDS SG Macdonald bombing Occurred on 10 March 1965 Bombing occurred due to Indonesia's opposition to Singapore's merger with Malaya Yishun bombing Initial plan was to attack Yishun MRT December 2001 and as many as 15 people were arrested in Singapore within a month. 1993 – Sleeper cell began to form in Singapore. 1997 – Cell conducted surveillance at Yishun MRT station April 2001 – Cell conducted surveillance at Paya Lebar Airbase. 11 September 2001 – Coordinated series of terrorist attacks in the United States by Al-Qaeda. September 2001 – An informant told Internal Security Department of Muhammad Aslam Yar Ali Khan's ties with Al-Qaeda. Ali Khan was placed under surveillance. Arrested :Ibrahim Maidin, leader of Singapore JI branch Tuas Waste Management Plant Not a terrorist attack Tuas plant handles toxic materials and the fire involved chemical waste and flammable materials The article is written by The Sraits Time which is a reliable newspaper company in Singapore. Hence i would trust it to be reliable and also get their facts right before releasing it into the general public Batam > MBS Details of the terrorist 6 men planned an attack to fly the rocket from Batam to MBS, attack was foiled all 6 men were caught 1 of the 6 was the mastermind for the attack occurred in Jakarta

3.1.2. OUTSIDE OF SG 7 killed (5 out of 7 were assailants), 23 civilians were wounded Other entertainments centres were also targeted as terrorist claimed that they were "unislamic" Indonesia (2017) Exact location: A police traffic post near to an affluent shopping mall in central Jakarta

4. Spices

4.1. Indonesia import the most spices

4.1.1. Possibility of hiding the bomb

4.1.2. nutmegs and cloves hard to produce causing a high cost Most expensive spices in the world Origins: Banda Island of Indonesia Afonso de Alberquerque bought 1512 nutmeg , mace and cloves 1st trader: Protuguese 2nd trader :Dutch east India Company started to do a monopoly and trade of the nutmegs Napoleonic war: British succeed to take control of the Banda Islands from the Dutch temporarily Past: Medicine to cure plaque sixteen centuries Present: Seek for the perceived medicine purpose and for cooking

5. Currency- This is current due to the nature of the potential terrorist coming into Singapore and planning to wreak havoc

5.1. Relevance- This is relevant to the topic because it gives us some motive as to why the terrorist wants to bomb Singapore

5.1.1. Author- CNA, since CNA is a news channel in Singapore, I would trust that it is credible and reliable Accuracy- There were no typographical errors and the information was supported by pictures and articles Purpose- This information serves to teach us about the tense relationship between Singapore and Indonesia

6. Indonesia have a high demand for spices from different countries.

7. Since this bombing has happened before, the potential threat of another bombing happening again shows that Singapore is a vulnerable country

7.1. We must maintain a good relationship between the two countries. One example is Singapore always sending their support towards Indonesia when there was natural disasters.

8. This outside plan of terrorism was chosen due to the currency. The act was also chosen at a place with large crowd .Therefore, the terrorist is most likely to attack place with a crowd .

9. Outside SG C- Indonesia ,2017 R - it is also a place where there will be large human traffic (common location a terrorist would go) A- well known SG news company A - It is reliable as it is works with the high authority P- Is to cause a uproar as there was a lot of death and injury

10. 3) We have concluded that the 3 other stations are not the locations of the bomb as it has tight security (Dhoby Ghaut), low influx of civilians (Jurong East/Outram Park). With the evidences we collated previously, it is all targeting Chinatown, specifically at the Chinatown Food Street. Tourist Statistics also included Chinatown as one of the top 3 tourist location. Relating to the past terrorism attacks, we can tell that the terrorists are aiming at places with large crowds, causing large impacts. There were also clues about the 50cents feast, implicating that locals and tourist would visit Chinatown Food Street, resulting in large crowd at that area, making it a possible location for the terrorists to plant a bomb there. Relating to previous Spices clue, the 50cents feast are Hokkien food which makes use of spices in most of their dish, allowing us to deduce that the location of the bomb is in Chinatown Food Street.

10.1. 4) Our conclusion for the possible location of the bomb is Chinatown due to the high influx of people and also due to the number of events which are located near Chinatown such as Vegan street food crawl and The 50cent Feast. It is more likely to be at the Chinatown Food Street, as there is the 50cent feast (hokkien food), the spices clue also leads us to this location.

10.1.1. 4)Preventive measures Be wary of unattended bags left in public areas If spotted any of said bags, warn people using the SG secure app

10.1.2. 4)Public education Lessons provided by the government on how to use the SG secure app Running safety drills in public so they have experience on knowing what to do FIrst aid courses being provided to teach public on how to save someone life during an attack.