Motivation to Read

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Motivation to Read by Mind Map: Motivation to Read

1. School Culture

1.1. Promotes risk taking and celebrates mistakes.

1.1.1. Display visible symbols throughout school of school values.

1.2. Leaders need to examine their own motivation.

1.3. Promote well defined goals that everyone supports.

2. Community

2.1. Provide opportunities for students to hear from community members about the importance of reading and growth mindset.

2.2. Provide opportunities for community leaders to further student reading knowledge by speaking on societal issues linked to texts read in class.

3. Classroom Culture

3.1. Establish a student centred learning environment that promotes the natural inclination to learn.

3.2. Encourage social connections to discuss reading content.

3.3. Provide unstructured reading opportunities.

3.4. Provide a variety of texts.

3.5. Support learning autonomy.

4. Family

4.1. Help families encourage autonomous and self-directed reading and learning.

4.2. Encourage students to share their learning at home ( ex: sending home "Ask Me About..." emails).

4.3. Provide students with a range of reading materials to take home.