Workplace Safety Issues

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Workplace Safety Issues by Mind Map: Workplace Safety Issues

1. Protecting from contagious illness

2. Ensure contraband is not brought in center

3. Protecting visitors from being subject to violence

4. Protecting children from unauthorized visitors

5. Availability of medical equipment

6. Protecting from violence from peers

7. Reduce burnout and fatigue

8. Ensure safe pt to staff ratio

9. Patient

10. Staff

11. Visitors

12. Environment

13. Educate visitors to staying in designated areas only

14. Ensure someone on duty to check in guests and check IDs

15. Screen all residents on admission and returning from leave for contraband

16. Nursing will assess residents beginning each shift and quarantine ill patients

17. Limit workers to 40 hours per week

18. Limit ratio to 1 staff member to 4 residents

19. Remove residents when one resident is losing control

20. The supplies will be checked on the first of each month and reordered as needed

21. Standards for the Regulation of children's Residential Facilities. (2009, January 1). Retrieved from

22. Policy: The resident shall have a written policy for visits to include reasonable hours for visitors that are flexible and include the parent's approval.

22.1. State Policy

23. Policy: The client shall have a physical exam dates within 90 days from admission and access to care.

24. Policy: Staff must be appropriately trained and the schedules should be reviewed daily

25. Policy: Strip searches are prohibited. A "pat down" may be done by same sex worker authorized to do so.

26. Single nurse medication checks have been found to be as safe as requiring a second check, related to encouraging a trusting relationship with nurses (Chua, Lee., Peralta, and Lim, 2019).

27. Job satisfaction was found to be emotionally protective for nurses exposed to workplace violence (Berlanda et al., 2019). Assessment of individual satisfaction should be done.