Kiona Anderson Module 11 : Ch. 6 and 7

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Kiona Anderson Module 11 : Ch. 6 and 7 by Mind Map: Kiona Anderson Module 11 : Ch. 6 and 7

1. Sexual Joking and teasing are common attitudes amongst Brazillian people.

1.1. Many people have no issue talking about sexuality

1.2. People use humor as a way to be subtle when discussing sexual topics

1.3. Sex positiveness are social facts that describe social relations

1.4. Sense of bodily liberation

2. Public flirtation is a beloved game

2.1. perceived as pleasurable and complimentary by women

2.2. Women want to be publicly recognized for being sexy and having nice bodies

3. Male homosexuality seen as two types: upper class and lower class models

3.1. lower class = bichas

3.2. upper class = homens

4. Metaphors are used to describe how men and women are perceived sexually. Passive or aggressive

4.1. Women can be galinhas or piranhas, both have negative undertones for sexually activeness

4.1.1. Women are to be "consumed", they should not be active or the "consumers"

5. Women are expected to be loyal to their men

5.1. Men can fool around

6. Eating metaphors are commonly used to describe sexuality

7. It is considered unhealthy for men to go too long without sex

7.1. Men are masculine when they "consume" women

7.2. Men are taught to be sexually aggressive, this perpetuates a rape culture in Brazil

8. Young girls are more vulnerable when they are homeless, men try to take advantage of them

8.1. Many young girls are raped by their mothers boyfriends and blamed for the mens actions

9. Women who are raped and robbed try to retaliate

9.1. rape of children can provoke gang retaliation in shanty towns