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Mission by Mind Map: Mission

1. jesus

1.1. Luke 3:21-22 "Then his relatives came to take him away since people were saying 'he is out of his mind

1.2. scripture Matthew 25: 31-46

1.3. Jesus mission

1.3.1. To bring good news to the poor. let the oppressed go free,

1.3.2. proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor. recovery of sight to the blind these are Jesus missions i believe the mission was not accomplished as there are many people in the world today still going though these problems.

2. people

2.1. baptism

2.1.1. starting faith journey with family and community though sacarment

2.2. Emerging moral problems

3. church

3.1. SCCC

3.2. You

3.2.1. the church is you. it is not the building or the songs or the group, the church still runs without all of these things because the church is you.

3.3. uniting church- uniting justice Wesley mission

3.4. cathoilic church - st vicent de pual, Brisbane catholic education, catholic

4. organisations

4.1. Anglican church - Anglicare

4.2. salvation army -aged care, counselling ect.

4.3. Cafod

4.3.1. poverty you can get involved by doing these things donate, campaign, download prayers or volunteer